Message from the Management

Break Through the Boundaries of Pharmaceuticals by Realizing “SHINKA”

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation newly established MISSION “Creating hope for all facing illness.” on April 1, 2021. We have set the corporate vision as VISION 30 “Be a healthcare company that delivers optimal therapy to each individual.”, and we are making progress to realize MISSION and VISION 30.

In the future environment surrounding the pharmaceutical industry, the transformation of healthcare will progress further through digitization, and the evolution of medical technology will expand therapeutic options even more. On the other hand, due to the sustainability of medical insurance systems, the economic benefits of medical care are required more than ever. Furthermore, the social system of the new normal era will be established, and people's values will change. Considering these changes, we envisioned that healthcare in 2030 will be that “The medical fields will be much more expanding from hospitals to homes, and the degree of satisfaction of patients and their families will be emphasized which means total care integrated into daily life is required.”

Today, our group launched a new Medium-Term Management Plan 21-25. Under the new Medium-Term Management Plan, we focus on “precision medicine” to realize “Providing appropriate medical care to appropriate patients at appropriate timing.” In addition, we contribute to improving the QOL of patients and their families by providing “around-the-pill solutions” from prevention to prognosis, centered on our therapeutic drugs. Then, establishing new customer contact points, collecting and analyzing healthcare data, we take on the challenge of expanding business opportunities. In order to achieve these goals, we will more actively promote open innovation with the world's best partners based on our drug discovery capabilities. Moreover, as a Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation group company, we will make extensive use of intra-group collaboration to create synergies.

As we promote reforms in this rapidly changing environment, we will remain deeply committed to fulfilling our MISSION based on the trust of our patients, healthcare professionals and society. With these values in mind, we will undertake our management responsibilities based on the principles of transparency and fairness.

We will deepen and evolve our drug discovery capability in order to deliver true value to the society and our patients, by always seeking to identify what they truly need, and we call it “SHINKA”. We will keep on challenging to provide optimal medical solutions to every patient and stakeholder by breaking the boundaries of pharmaceuticals by realizing “SHINKA”.

Your continued support and guidance are greatly appreciated.

April 1, 2021
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma
President &
Representative Director
UENO Hiroaki

UENO Hiroaki
President & Representative Director UENO Hiroaki