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Corporate Social Responsibility
Global Environmental Conservation: a Task for Every Individual
For Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation, ensuring business activity that takes account of global environmental conservation is an extension of the same approach as providing safe and effective pharmaceuticals. In order to reduce environmental burden at all stages of the pharmaceutical lifecycle, from research and development through manufacture and distribution to consumption, it is important to put firmly in place systems for action on environmental conservation and to ensure the stable operation of these systems. Above all, a strong commitment to protecting the global environment is needed. At Mitsubishi Pharma, in addition to moving forward with the acquisition of ISO14001 certification at business bases, we will continue with efforts to manage chemical substances, prevent global warming, reduce waste emissions, and protect the atmosphere and waterways as part of continuous action to reduce environmental burden and preserve the glory of the natural environment.

Safe management and use of chemical substances

Chemical substances are highly useful substances which are indispensable to pharmaceutical research and manufacture. At the same time, there are a large number of chemical substances where risk assessment to clarify their impact on the natural environment has not yet produced a sufficiently clear result. It is therefore important to be aware of the latent risk of all chemical substances utilized. At Mitsubishi Pharma, our handling of chemical substances is founded on measures to make sure that residents of surrounding areas or people in the workplace are not exposed to chemical substances and to reduce to a minimum the release of substances into the atmosphere and waterways.

At the same time as using chemical substances, we are committed to promoting safe control and use by enhancing sensitivity to risk and by rapidly gathering domestic and overseas risk data, information on assessment methods, and related information.

Measures to prevent global warming

Global warming is an environmental issue which requires an urgent global-scale solution. At Mitsubishi Pharma, we are promoting maximum efficiency in the use of fossil fuel, while all domestic and overseas bases of the Mitsubishi Pharma Group are taking active measures against global warming.

Mitsubishi Pharma has joined Nippon Keidanren’s Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment and has aligned itself with the target announced by the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association: to reduce the CO2 emissions volume of pharmaceutical manufacturers for fiscal year 2010 to below the level of fiscal year 1990. In line with these commitments, we are rolling out measures to reduce CO2 emissions volume at Mitsubishi Pharma Group manufacturing plants and research laboratories, distribution center office buildings, and other business premises, with efforts centered mainly on energy conservation activity.

Reduction of waste emissions

In the reduction of waste emissions, an important task is to reduce the amount of waste discharged for final disposal (landfill disposal volume). At Mitsubishi Pharma, we are taking action in this area by improving intermediate treatment methods and implementing the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle). Undertaking intermediate treatment prior to final disposal is an effective way of reducing waste volume. Reuse and recycling also promote efficient use of resources. Additionally, we believe that improving the manufacturing process to reduce the amount of waste generated is the ultimate method of cutting waste emissions.

At pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, organic sludge accounts for the majority of waste emissions. Organic sludge is the term used to describe the excess microorganic matter produced during the biological processing which is undertaken at wastewater treatment facilities to prevent the release into the environment of the pharmaceutical raw material residue generated during the purification process. Four business bases in the Mitsubishi Pharma Group — BIPHA Corporation, the API Corporation’s Iwaki and Fukuroi Plants, and the Yoshitomi Office — have installed facilities to reduce the volume of organic sludge. These facilities undertake a secondary treatment to break the cell wall of the microorganisms before returning them to the wastewater treatment facility, thereby reducing by around 80% the volume of organic sludge generated. In the future we will continue with increased measures to reduce final disposal volume.

Protection of air and water

At the manufacturing plants and research laboratories of the Mitsubishi Pharma Group, exhaust emissions from sources such as boilers, water coolers and heaters, electricity generators, and incinerators and wastewater emissions from wastewater treatment facilities are subject to management based on voluntarily adopted standard values more stringent than those of the Air Pollution Control Law, Water Pollution Control Law, or related regulations. Meanwhile, as an active measure to protect the air and water quality, the business vehicles used by our medical representatives are progressively being replaced with low-exhaust vehicles.


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