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  Profile   (24KB)
  Financial Highlights   (38KB)
  Message from the President   (78KB)
Business results   (78KB)
  Establishment of Joint Holding Company
Launch of Joint Holding Company, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, from October 2005
Strengthening Pharmaceutical Business through Joint Holding Company Structure
Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenge in Personalized Medicine   (176KB)
  Mid-term Corporate Action Plan
Mid-term Corporate Action Plan — On Target   (55KB)
Maximization of Sales and Marketing Strengths   (74KB)
Optimization of Production and Technology Divisions   (72KB)
Target of Total Cost Reduction Achieved   (51KB)
Increasing the Certainty of Research and Development Results and Establishment of Global Marketing Basis
Strengthening Research and Development   (146KB)
Product Pipeline   (170KB)
  Corporate Social Responsibility
Improving Corporate Governance System   (36KB)
Reinforced Implementation of Compliance   (49KB)
Global Environmental Conservation: a Task for Every Individual   (30KB)
Harmony with Society   (78KB)
  Financial Section   (124KB)
Five-Year Summary   (18KB)
Management’s Discussion and Analysis   (82KB)
Balance Sheets   (29KB)
Income Statements   (20KB)
Shareholders’ Equity   (20KB)
Cash Flows   (22KB)
Notes   (107KB)
Auditors’ Report   (26KB)
Corporate Data   (30KB)
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Caution regarding forward-looking statements
This report contains forward-looking statements regarding the Mitsubishi Pharma Group's current plans, forecasts, strategies, estimated business results, and other future projections. These forward-looking statements are based on judgments made in light of the information available at the time. Readers are advised that actual business results are subject to various risk factors and uncertainties — including, but not limited to, the economic conditions under which the Mitsubishi Pharma Group operates, competitive pressures, relevant laws and regulations, the status of product development programs, and fluctuations in exchange rates — and may therefore differ substantially from the projections presented herein.
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