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May 30 Release Withdrawal of Marketing Authorization Application of edaravone for ALS in the European UnionPDF
May 29 Release Launch of SIMPONI Subcutaneous Injection 50mg AutoinjectorPDF
May 24 Topics Notice of Convocation of the 12th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
May 16 Topics IR Meeting for FY2018 Business Results[Transcript]
May 13 Topics IR Meeting for FY2018 Business Results[Material][Video]
May 10 Release Announcement of Financial Results for FY2018
⇒R&D Pipeline "State of New Product Development"
May 7 Topics Analysts meeting on Revision to Consolidated Financial Forecasts for FY2018[Transcript]
April 26 Release Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma and Salix enter into a licensing agreement for MT-1303, a therapeutic agent for autoimmune diseasesPDF
April 26 Topics Medicago announced that its proprietary plant-based production platform, Proficia was awarded "Best New Vaccine Technology/Platform" at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington, D.C.
April 24 Topics Analysts meeting on Revision to Consolidated Financial Forecasts for FY2018 [Material][Audio]
April 24 Release Revision to Consolidated Financial Forecasts for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2019PDF
April 15 Release For the ALS patients in the world, we hope to deliver Japan-originated ALS treatment―NMPA accepts our filing for Radicut to treat ALS in ChinaPDF
April 11 Release Notice Regarding Reorganization of Research, Production, and Technology BasesPDF
March 28 Release The Global Health Innovative Technology Fund provides grant for joint research into anti-malarial drugs conducted by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma and a malaria research institutionPDF
March 20 Release Aiming to expand our sales and to strengthen our business foundations in the growing ASEAN market Establishment of sales subsidiary in Malaysia and Vietnam Representative OfficePDF
March 12 Release Topline Results of Japanese Phase 3 Clinical Studies of the HIF-PH Inhibitor MT-6548 in Anemia due to CKDPDF
February 28 Release Tianjin Tanabe and Servier Tianjin join hands to promote TENELIA in ChinaPDF
February 20 Release Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Received Notice of Request for ArbitrationPDF
February 14 Release FDA accepted an Investigational New Drug Application for MT-8633, an ADC Targeting cMet Positive Solid TumorsPDF
February 12 Release First Initiative in Digital Medicine Notice Regarding the Start of a Demonstration Project for TOMOCO, a Diabetes Care AppPDF
February 7 Topics IR Meeting for FY2018 3rd Quarter Business Results[Transcript]
February 6 Release Swissmedic approves RADICAVA, Japan-originated ALS treatmentPDF
February 4 Topics IR Meeting for FY2018 3rd Quarter Business Results[Material][Audio]
February 4 Release Announcement of FY2018 3rd Quarter Financial Results
⇒R&D Pipeline "State of New Product Development"
February 4 Release Notice Regarding Conclusion of Stock Transfer Agreement for Tanabe Seiyaku Yoshiki Factory Co., Ltd.PDF
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