Community Involvement and Development Contributions to the Environment

Greening of Office Surroundings

The Group is aggressively working on greening and beautification activities at each domestic and overseas worksite. Employees clean worksite surroundings and actively participate in other neighborhood cleaning activities. In these ways, we are working to contribute to environmental conservation and to foster harmonious coexistence with local communities.

Fiscal 2018 greening and beautification activities

Worksite Program name
Head Office
  • Osaka Marathon Clean-Up Operation (office surroundings)
Tokyo Head Office
  • Chuo-ku Clean Day
  • Chuo-ku Walk Rally & Clean-Up Operation
Kashima Site
  • Osaka Marathon Clean-Up Operation (office surroundings)
Yokohama Site
  • Hama-Road Supporter (office surroundings)
Toda Site
  • Community cleaning activities (office surroundings)
Onoda Plant
  • Clean-up Japan Campaign (office surroundings)
Yoshitomi Plant
  • Marine Day seashore cleaning (sponsored by Yoshitomi Town)
  • Clean Operation (office surroundings)
Hokkaido Branch
  • Safety and cleaning event sponsored by neighborhood association of offices at Kita-Ichijo Street
Taiwan Tanabe Seiyaku
  • Cleaning activities in the area around the Hsinchu Industrial Park
  • Seashore cleaning volunteer activity
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Indonesia
  • Planting and gardening in the area around the plant
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Korea
  • Cleaning activities at the plant and surrounding area on environment day

For information on initiatives concerning environmental conservation activities, please see Initiatives for the Preservation of Biodiversity

For information on environmental activities, please see Promotion of Environmental Communication

Planting of flower seedlings, a Hama-Road Supporter activity (Yokohama Site)
Osaka Marathon Clean-Up Operation (Head Office)
Community cleaning activities (Toda Site)
This was the 39th time this event was held, and 100 employees and family members participated in the clean-up operation (Yoshitomi Plant).
Greening and beautification activities through planting in the area near a plant (Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Indonesia, Bandung Plant)
Conducting monthly outdoor cleaning and disposal (Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Korea)