Community Involvement and Development Promotion of Local Communities

The Group values its connections with people in the communities where it does business. As a member of local communities, we are working to deepen communications with local communities through the sponsorship of regional events and other initiatives, and we are taking steps to contribute to the development of regional society, such as historical and cultural activities and regional activation initiatives.

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Historical Museum

In May 2015, the Company opened the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Historical Museum on the second floor of the Head Office in Doshomachi, Osaka, which is known as the "pharmaceutical district." Visitors can learn about the history of the Company, which was founded in 1678, and the history and culture of Doshomachi. In addition, using 3D images and touch panels, visitors can learn about such topics as the structure of the human body and how pharmaceuticals work. In the four years since its opening, more than 27,000 people have visited the museum. Not only are we cooperating by providing exhibition materials, we are also cooperating with local events and contributing to the development of the next generation, such as with school off-campus learning activities.

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Historical Museum WEB

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Historical Museum

Regional Activation Initiatives in Pharmaceutical District / Doshomachi

The Company is contributing to regional activation through the Historical Museum and the sponsorship of events in cooperation with regional organizations. In Doshomachi, where the Company has its Head Office, the Shinno-sai Festival (a pharmaceutical festival) is held each year on November 22 and 23. The festival is operated and implemented by YAKUSOKO, a Doshomachi organization centered on pharmaceutical companies. As a member of YAKUSOKO for many years, the Company has contributed to the festival. In addition, to help support the Shinno-sai Festival, the Historical Museum was opened on holidays during the period of the festival. More than 2,000 people experienced the history and culture of Doshomachi.
Starting in fiscal 2017, we are sponsoring the semi-annual Doshomachi Tanamin Theater, which uses the name of the Company's original character Tanamin. Through rakugo, which is a traditional form of entertainment that is highly popular in Osaka, and lectures about the lifestyles of the time, we are providing opportunities for people to become familiar with the history and culture of Osaka, and these initiatives have been well received.
Furthermore, as an everyday initiative, in cooperation with other Doshomachi exhibition facilities related to pharmaceuticals, we are rolling out a publicity activity under the name Doshomachi Museum Street. The community will work to provide information so that large numbers of people visit Doshomachi, which is the birthplace of Japan's pharmaceutical industry. Moving forward, the Company will strive to contribute to local communities.

Street stalls lined up in Doshomachi at the Shinno-sai Festival
Rakugo event offered in collaboration with the Shinno-sai Festival
Doshomachi Museum Street

Yoshitomi Summer Festival

In August 2018, the Yoshitomi Plant (Fukuoka Prefecture) hosted the Yoshitomi Summer Festival, which is a venue for exchange with members of the local community, on the grounds of the plant. This was the 45th time this regular local event was held. With perfect weather on the day of the festival, more than 2,200 local residents, employees, and their family members gathered. The day was filled with a variety of performances, including summer Obon dances by children, children's dancing, Kagura Shinto music and dancing, a song show, and belly dancing. These performances were enjoyed by everyone from children to adults. The event's grand finale was a traditional firework show that was greeted by loud cheers and applause from the spectators' seats. Finally, a grand lottery drawing with luxury prizes generated excitement among the crowd, and the Yoshitomi Summer Festival was concluded as a great success.
Moving forward, we will continue working to build connections with the local community through the summer festival.

The traditional performance art of Kagura is powerful and compelling
Excited cheers for the impressive firework show!

Collaborating with Regional Organizations

In September 2015, a Doshomachi development association known as the Doshomachi Club was established. The Company works as the executive office of the association. The objectives of this organization are to maintain and develop the cityscape, centered on Doshomachi, to implement activities that foster trust and mutual cooperation among the people who live and work in the area, and to build a dynamic community that gathers people who are interested in health. On that basis, the organization aims to link the history and traditions of the Doshomachi pharmaceutical district to the future.
In fiscal 2018, with the aim of developing and maintaining the cityscape, centered on Doshomachi, we signed a basic written confirmation for the maintenance of Doshomachi Dori with Osaka City in order to create attractive and people-friendly towns through public-private partnerships. As a result, both parties will cooperate to further facilitate work to eliminate telephone poles and maintain roads. We will continue to cooperate with government entities, related authorities, local neighborhoods, landowners, and related companies on this project.
Also, as a part of our efforts to conduct activities that foster trust and mutual cooperation among the people who live and work in the area, we launched a rooftop greening and winemaking project through potted grape cultivation aimed at members, held exchanges between members, and raised awareness of health among the many by holding public lectures for the general public.
We will continue to cooperate in activities to create dynamic towns that meet local needs.

The concept sub-committee deliberates on matters related to community building.
Signing ceremony for the basic written confirmation for the maintenance of Doshomachi Dori