Community Involvement and Development Contributions to Medical Care and Welfare

As a life sciences company, in addition to our business activities, we are working to help resolve issues in the areas of medical treatment and welfare, such as access to healthcare in a variety of forms.

Support for Intractable Disease Patient Organizations

The Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Tenohira Partner Program

The Company believes in the importance of developing new drugs for refractory diseases and providing support for patients with diseases and their families. Accordingly, in 2012 we established the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Tenohira Partner Program. This program provides aid for the activities of associations and support groups for patients with intractable diseases. These organizations work to improve patients' medical treatment, education, and career prospects and to enhance their quality of life. In fiscal 2018, support was provided to 21 organizations. In addition to existing "project grants," we established "startup grants" to support organizations that do not yet have extensive track records of activity, and have made it possible to support more organizations.
At meetings held on October 4, 2018 (Head Office) and October 11, 2018 (Tokyo Head Office) to report on the fiscal 2017 activities of organizations receiving assistance under the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Tenohira Partner Program (14 organizations), participants shared their opinions about challenges and solutions in conducting activities that transcend each other's diseases. The daily lives of patients and their families are irreplaceable and should not simply be spent fighting disease. The Tenohira Partner Program strives to support people fighting disease, to assist them in finding more joy and satisfaction in their lives, and to help them realize their dreams and hopes for the future. On that basis, we will continue to offer support.
In fiscal 2019, we will support nine startup grants and 10 project grants, for a total of 19 organizations.

For details about grant recipients and other information, please see the Tenohira Partner Program website.

Meeting to report on support operations
Free discussion

Participation in "Walk to Defeat ALS" and Other Events (USA)

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America (MTPA) co-sponsored more than 60 charity walk events held in the United States in fiscal 2018 and employees participated in more than 40 of these events.
Employees and their families participated in the walking event "Walk to Defeat ALS" organized by "The ALS Association," an American patient group for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and held annually in the spring and autumn.
We support public awareness, treatment, and research and development of ALS, as well as ALS patients and their families.
Through these charity activities, MTPA, in cooperation with the ALS patient group "The ALS Association," we have performed a number of support activities (provide alternative communication equipment, life support kits, training and education for caregivers, etc.) and have helped patients and their families fight intractable diseases.

Activities to support children fighting disease

The Company conducts activities to support children and their families in their fight against disease through NPO and NGO support.

Participating in the "Osaka Great Santa Run"

Since 2014, the Company has supported the Osaka Great Santa Run, a charity event for children who are fighting disease.
At the event held on December 2, 2018, 11 employees and their families participated as volunteers and runners. After running about five kilometers the volunteers quickly changed into Santa Claus costumes and happily began handing out drinks while dripping with sweat. In total, they handed out about 4,000 Aspara drinks, a Company product, to participants. With big smiles on their faces, they handed out Aspara drinks while expressing their appreciation and thanks to the participants.

*The Osaka Great Santa Run is a charity event in which certain participants wear Santa Claus costumes, run around Osaka Castle Park with big smiles on their face, and distribute Christmas presents to children who are fighting disease with the aid of a portion of the participation fee. The Christmas presents were delivered to children in hospitals, principally in Osaka Prefecture.

Together with volunteers
Giving sweets to children

Supporting TSURUMI Children's Hospice with a Marathon

TSURUMI Children's Hospice (TCH), located in Tsurumi-ku, Osaka, is Japan's first community hospice for children created in harmony with the ideals of the "Helen & Douglas House" in the UK, the world's first children's hospice. Five employees were internally recruited and selected to participate as charity runners for TCH in the Osaka Marathon held on November 25, 2018. On the day of the marathon, everyone finished the race with the encouragement of the volunteer cheerleading squad. All the assembled charities, in agreement with the charity runners' desire to support sick children, donated to TCH. As charity runners, we will continue to support TCH's activities in fiscal 2019.

Cheerleading squad
Giving high-fives with a smile

Helping Spread Public Awareness of the Children's Hospice and Child Palliative Care

The NPO Yokohama Children's Hospice Project is a group that spreads public awareness of the children's hospice to support children with life-threatening disease and their families. We are working to open the Yokohama Children's Hospice in 2021 while also conducting public awareness activities for the palliative care of children.
Employees participated as volunteer staff in NPO Yokohama Children's Hospice Project event held on November 3, 2018 and February 11, 2019. Participation in this event, which was held to further develop and spread Japan's children hospice and the palliative care of children, was a good opportunity to understand the importance of supporting children with serious disease and their families. We will continue to support this project in fiscal 2019.

Together with volunteers
Dealing with visitors at the entrance to the event

Support for the Palliative Care of Children in Developing Countries (Indonesia)

In the suburbs of Jakarta, there are children who suffer from serious diseases in areas where medical care is unavailable. Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Indonesia's (MTID) employees and companies have given matching donations in the hope that all children will be equally provided with palliative care services and it will donate 10 million rupiahs to NGO Rachel House*, a pioneer in palliative care in Indonesia. MTID will continue to provide its support in the years ahead.

*Rachel House provides free specialized medical care (home-palliative care) to children suffering from serious illness in areas left behind by society. It also educates medical professionals and the community on palliative care skills and knowledge, and provides care to those in need.

Presentation ceremony

Participating in the Lake District 5 Peaks Challenge

On Aug 10, 2019, a total of 14 Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Europe (MTPE) employees (Team Name: Mit5upeakers) participated in the Lake District 5 Peaks Challenge, a charity event held in the Lake District area of Cumbria, England.
With a mixture of Sponsorships and Bake sale proceeds from colleagues within MTPE and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Group, friends and family, we are extremely pleased to confirm our fundraising has reached beyond our target over 5000 pound (approximately 650000 yen).
By participating in this event, we were able to donate the collected funds to the International Children's Charity (UNICEF).
On the day of the event, the weather forecast for the Lake District was heavy rain, thunderstorms, very strong winds, and with low visibility. We were advised that there was a risk that due to these weather conditions and to ensure our safety we may not be able to do the 5 Peaks Challenge, as planned. This did become the reality and we sadly did not complete the 5 Peaks Challenge. We instead embarked on a different, yet still challenging 24km hike at a lower level in the heavy downpour. With our bright orange Mit5upeakers Team T-shirts, our spirits remained high and great teamwork, conversation, banter and tasty snacks ensured we all completed this, happy, safely and with no injuries.
The Challenge has brought us closer as colleagues and made us stronger as a team. We hope to continue this tradition of challenges every year at MTPE.

Team Mit5upeakers

Donating Over-the-Counter Medicines to Children's Land

On June 1, 2018, as a part of our corporate citizenship activities, we donated OTC medicines and other items to Kodomo-no-kuni (Children's Land) in Yokohama City. Kodomo-no-kuni is a natural amusement park that utilizes a thickly wooded area of approximately 100 hectares in the Tama Hills area of Yokohama City. It was opened in 1965 in commemoration of the marriage of His Imperial Highness (now Emperor Emeritus) in 1959. Since 1971, for 47 consecutive years the Company has contributed OTC products and made other contributions to Kodomo-no-kuni.
At the presentation ceremony, Mr. Tameishi, the director of Kodomo-no-kuni, expressed thanks for the many years of pharmaceutical donations and said that the medicines donated by the Company were very helpful.
In commemoration of the 50th anniversary, the Company donated a setting for commemorative photographs that features the home of Kodomo-no-kuni bird characters Juru and Chichi, and visitors are enjoying this setting.

Donation of OTC drugs
Setting for taking commemorative photographs with Kodomo-no-kuni bird characters.

Blood Donation

According to the Japanese Red Cross, about 3,000 patients in Japan receive blood transfusions each day. Because the blood that is used cannot be artificially produced or stored for long periods of time, in order to secure the blood that is needed for transfusions, there is said to be a need for approximately 15,000 people to donate blood each day.
Blood is important to save the precious lives of patients who need blood transfusions due to a disease or accident. At the Head Office and other offices, the Group actively cooperates in the blood donation activities of the Japanese Red Cross Society.
Overseas, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Indonesia's Bandung Plant is participating in blood donation activities in cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross Society. Donation activities were implemented four times in fiscal 2018, and more than 170 employees cooperated in the donation of blood.

Blood donation at the Kashima Site
Donating blood at Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Indonesia

Contributing to Developing Countries

Participation in the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT Fund)

The GHIT Fund aims to discover new drugs for infectious diseases that affect people in the developing world, such as malaria, tuberculosis, and neglected tropical diseases. To that end, the GHIT Fund was established as a public-private partnership from Japan. Through new drug R&D capabilities that utilize the advanced science and technology know-how of Japanese pharmaceutical companies and other institutions, the fund aims to strengthen Japan's international contribution to global health.
In May 2015, through the GHIT Fund, the Company provided its pharmaceutical compound library (50,000 compounds) to Medicines for Malaria Venture, a research institution that focuses on the discovery of new anti-malaria drugs. Three types of promising hit compounds that have the potential to become pharmaceutical products have been identified. In addition, we promoted joint research and from one of these compounds, we acquired two lead compounds as new anti-malaria drug candidates.
In addition, following the provision of financial support for the GHIT Fund first phase activities (fiscal 2013 - fiscal 2017), the Company will also provide financial support to the GHIT Fund for second phase activities (fiscal 2018 - fiscal 2022).
Malaria, along with AIDS and tuberculosis, is one of the three major infectious diseases in the world, and its eradication has been set as a goal of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Moving forward, we will continue working to contribute to the health of people around the world, including contributions to the treatment of infectious diseases in the developing world.


TFT is a social contribution activity that originated in Japan. It is aimed at simultaneously resolving the problems of hunger in developing countries and the problems of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases in industrially developed countries. At the employee cafeterias, when employees eat low-calorie meals that help prevent obesity, through TABLE FOR TWO International, 20 yen of the price is allocated to the cost of school meals in developing countries, such as countries in Africa. Twenty yen is the amount of money needed to provide one meal in a developing country.
In 2014, we introduced the TFT Program at the employee cafeterias at the Head Office and Kashima Site. Also, at worksites, we have installed TFT vending machines, and a portion of the sales of drinks purchased from these machines is used to provide meals for children in developing countries. Employees have given high evaluations to this initiative, in which they can readily participate and which enables children in developing countries and employees to improve their health at the same time. In fiscal 2018, 244,726 yen was donated, and the cumulative total donated since the start of the activity reached 660,000 yen. The school meals that are provided through donations are expected not only to help resolve hunger among children but also to increase school attendance rates and grades, lead to gains in the children's fundamental strength, and help prevent disease. In this way, these meals are playing an important role in helping to eliminate poverty. Moving forward, we will continue this initiative to help resolve hunger and poverty among children in developing countries.

TFT framework

Meals contributed through participation in the TABLE FOR TWO program (Converted at 20 yen per meal)

FY Contributions from the TFT menu Contributions from TFT vending machines Total
2018 112,860 yen
(5,643 meals)
131,866 yen
(6,593 meals)
244,726 yen
(12,236 meals)
Healthy TFT menu
Support also provided by TFT vending machines
Poster displays number of meals donated (Kashima Site)

Participating in Vaccine Support Activities

The Group has been participating in vaccine support activities for children in developing countries since 2014. Through this program, unneeded books, CDs, and DVDs are donated and the proceeds from their sale are donated to Authorized NPO Japan Committee Vaccines for the World's Children. Through this international contribution activity, those donations are used to deliver vaccines to children in developing countries, such as vaccines for six major infectious diseases. The price of polio vaccine is only 20 yen per person. One book that is sitting on a shelf can protect two children from polio.
In fiscal 2018, a total of 289,982 yen, equivalent to polio vaccines for 14,500 children, was raised from employee donations and matching gifts from the Company. Since the start of these activities, total donations have exceeded 1.2 million yen, equivalent to about 60,000 polio vaccines. As part of our support for access to healthcare, we will continue these activities as we aim for a future in which children in developing countries live healthy and happy lives.

Contributions resulting from participation in vaccine support activities for children in developing countries

FY Amount of contributions Polio vaccine
2018 144,991 yen (employees)
14,991 yen (company matching)
7,250 doses
7,250 doses
Total 289,982 yen 14,500 doses
Original poster

Donating Medicines to Developing Countries

The Company and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Korea are contributing to the health of patients in developing countries where medical care is unavailable by donating their products to overseas medical volunteer organizations operating in Africa (Kenya) and Uzbekistan.

Collecting PET Bottle Caps

At each worksite, we are collecting PET bottle caps as one aspect of in-house eco-activities. The funds generated by selling the collected caps are used for administration expenses at social welfare facilities and for vaccines for children in developing countries.

Initiatives to Support Active Lifestyles for People with Disabilities

Sales of Fresh-Baked Bread by Welfare Services Facility for People with Disabilities

Every month, the Kashima Site, and once every two months, the Head Office and Tokyo Head Office, have been supporting direct sales of fresh-baked bread and cookies that are made at a welfare services facility for people with disabilities. The hand-made, fresh-baked bread has been well received among employees. In addition, from the welfare services facility, we have received comments indicating how everyone looks forward to receiving direct feedback from customers. In the future, we will continue to support the activities of people with disabilities through purchasing support.

(Head Office)
Bread sales are always a huge success.

Participation in the "Movement for the Intellectually disabled of Singapore" (MINDS)

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Singapore, in partnership with the local Mitsubishi Chemical Group company, participated in a charity event for handicraft together with users of facilities for people with intellectual disabilities in Singapore. All the users of these facilities are working actively and energetically.
This initiative was also an opportunity for community exchange through volunteer activity and was a fun and productive time for us.

*MINDS is a private social welfare organization in Singapore that operates special schools for the handicapped, occupational training centers, employment development centers, and a residential nursing facility with government assistance. We participated in a workshop at the employment development center.

Together with the participating Group companies

Help Mark's Educational Activities

The Group is actively involved in the Help Mark's educational activities. The Help Mark is a mark or symbol that informs others that the person with this symbol has a hidden impairment or condition that is not readily apparent to others, such as an artificial leg or joint, internal disorder or intractable disease, or is in early pregnancy, and needs assistance or special consideration. The mark was created by the Tokyo metropolitan government to make it easier to obtain assistance from others. The Help Mark is spreading nationwide, but awareness of it needs to be raised.
On February 14, 2019, we invited the person in charge of the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, to our Tokyo Head Office to lecture on "The Social Model of Disability and the Help Mark." On that day, each of our business offices participated by video conference and about 200 employees heard the lecture.
Some of the employees who attended commented that, "I didn't know what the Health Mark meant, so it was very informative." and "If I come across someone wearing the Help Mark who needs help, I will talk to them."
At each business office, we put up our own public awareness posters calling for greater understanding. The Group seeks to achieve a sustainable society where everyone can live active lives.

Lecture (Tokyo Head Office)
Company-created poster
In-house educational placard