Community Involvement and Development Activities Addressing Social Needs

Developing the Next Generation

As a measure to develop the next generation, the Group offers visiting lectures and company visits at worksites, which are used as venues for pharmaceutical-related lectures and comprehensive learning initiatives that leverage the knowledge of a pharmaceutical company.

Visiting Lectures at Schools

Each office provides visiting lectures for students at schools. These visiting lectures are talks on such topics as the pharmaceutical industry, the business of pharmaceutical companies, and new drug R&D. We received the following positive feedback from students who attended the lectures, "I was surprised to learn that it takes an immense amount of time and expense to develop new drugs." "I would also like to be able to work with confidence in a rewarding job."

Students show keen interest in employees' talk
Cooperation with schools in Saitama Prefecture in the WIN-WIN Project

Company Visits

Each of the Company's offices is taking steps to promote harmonious coexistence with local communities, such as offering tours for regional organizations and comprehensive learning initiatives for nearby schools and school excursions. The goal is to introduce our business, the services of our pharmaceutical company, and employees' careers, and to help students develop careers through dialogue. Comments from visitors included, "Communication and teamwork are important in work" and that, "The work is hard and difficult, but during the tour I realized that work is fun and rewarding."

Neighboring elementary schoolchildren greatly enjoy their video conference experience (Toda Site)
Letter of thanks sent by the students. (Yoshitomi Plant)
Interacting with students is fun (Head Office)

Disaster Reconstruction Aid

The Company is providing support to regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto Earthquake and working to support recovery and reconstruction initiatives for regions damaged by natural disasters in Japan and overseas.

Support for Areas Damaged by the Earthquake in Northern Osaka Prefecture

An earthquake struck northern Osaka Prefecture on June 18, 2018, and to help people who were affected by the earthquake and assist in the reconstruction of the area, we made a donation of 10 million yen through the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Support for Areas Affected by Torrential Rains in July 2018

To assist in the relief efforts for people affected by torrential rains in western Japan in July 2018, and to help in the reconstruction of the affected areas, the Company donated 5 million yen through Japan Platform (JPF), a specified nonprofit corporation. Furthermore, donations were collected from employees, and the Company and labor union made matching gifts, for a total donation of 9,742,500 yen through JPF.
In addition, to support the volunteer activities of employees in the regions affected, we promoted the utilization of a volunteer leave system, paid up to 20,000 yen for transportation expenses, and recruited volunteers.

MTPC employees participated in a volunteer tour
— Okayama: August 26; Hiroshima: September 8-9 —

Twenty two Company employees participated in a volunteer tour sponsored by Osaka Voluntary Action Center to support those affected by the heavy damage in Okayama Prefecture (Kurashiki City) and Hiroshima Prefecture (Sakamachi) caused by torrential rain in West Japan in July 2018. The volunteers maintained the yards and fields of private homes, tidied up houses (carried out household belongings, tatamis, and baseboards), and removed sediment under the floors.

Employees' Comments
  • The situation in the disaster-stricken areas has only been partially reported. When I got to the sight, I saw the actual conditions with my own eyes and heard the victims' stories directly, which moved me to want to help in any way I could.
  • The work of removing sediment took four hours with just under 20 people, but we only removed sediment from one house, which made me feel the limitations of one-off volunteering. We need ongoing support.
  • I gained a sense of fulfillment and grew a little by connecting with people, and showing compassion for and cooperating with others.
Volunteers in Sakamachi, Hiroshima Prefecture

Support for the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake

In the wake of the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake that struck on September 6, 2018, the Company donated 5 million yen in disaster relief to Atsuma-cho in Hokkaido for livelihood support for the people of Atsuma-cho and to help with reconstruction.

Support for the Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami Damage in Indonesia

The Company donated 2 million yen in disaster relief through the non-profit organization Peace Winds Japan as support for the Sulawesi Earthquake of September 28, 2018 and Tsunami-stricken areas in Indonesia.
On October 19, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Indonesia, a Group company, provided 500 million rupiahs (about 4 million yen) worth of medicines for free to the Ministry of Health in Indonesia.

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Indonesia provides free pharmaceuticals (Left: A company employee)

Implementing Sales Events for Products from Tohoku and Kumamoto

As one part of initiatives to support reconstruction in Tohoku and Kumamoto, the Head Office, Tokyo Head Office, Toda Site, and Yokohama Site held events to sell products, with the objective of fostering knowledge about and support for the regions affected by the disasters. On the days of the events, many employees participated and the events were very popular. At the Tokyo Head Office, a panel exhibit was used to show the status of reconstruction in Tohoku. Moving forward, we will continue to support the regions affected by the disasters by holding sales events to ensure that memories of the earthquakes do not fade away.

Holding a sales event in front of the office entrance (Tokyo Head Office)
A sake bar serving Kumamoto sake was set up onsite (Yokohama Site)

Participating in the Japanese Red Cross Society's "We Will Never Forget" Project

In March 2019, the Company cooperated with the Japanese Red Cross Society's "We Will Never Forget" ~ Disaster Damage Prevention/Reduction Project ~. This project is an activity that nurtures the ability to respond to potential future disasters by drawing on the lessons learned and experiences gained from disasters and also makes one feel for people suffering in the disaster areas.
This year, in addition to hanging posters at each office, the Sales and Marketing Division's MRs wore project badges. Eight years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in 2011. These activities will help to ensure that our memories do not fade and will foster awareness among people inside and outside the Company of the theme of "We will never forget" in regard to disasters and the people who have been affected by them.

Implementing information provision activities while wearing project badges