Community Involvement and Development VOICE

Remain close to one another and fulfill your dreams and hopes for the future

Yoko Takahashi
Japan Philanthropic Association

The association is in charge of the executive office and the screening of the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Tenohira Partnership Program.*
This program seeks to improve patients' quality of life (QOL) by promoting an understanding of intractable diseases, which have few case histories, and creating a network with that purpose in mind.
In the process of selecting grant recipients, I learned about the daily lives of patients who are fighting disease and the pain and suffering caused by the fact that understanding intractable diseases is difficult. Under these circumstances, I'm touched not only by what the patients are going through, but also by the those who do everything they can for their fellow patients, and I'm also moved by the strong will power of the people around them. I realized that the lives of patients and their families are the precious days of life itself. Through this program, we hope that we can help society shine a light of hope on the everyday lives of patients so they can have dreams for the future. I also hope that this program acts as a catalyst to think about others, and to spread compassion for others in our society.

*A program that subsidizes activities carried out by intractable disease patient groups, and helps groups to improve the QOL of patients with intractable disease.