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Accurate and New Information Sent to Protect Children's Health and Safety

Michiko Fukukura
East Japan Promotion Office, Pediatrics Area, Product Marketing Department, Sales & Marketing Division

In October 2018, the Company launched the Pediatrics Area, East/West Japan Promotion Office to further focus on the domestic vaccine business. As a Pedi-MR*, I'm currently working with a desire to protect children's health and safety, and to support their healthy physical and mental growth.
Regarding pediatrics, especially vaccines, "prevention" is the greatest goal to protect children from infections. It is said that in the future, society will face an increasing risk of the influx of various infectious diseases, and therefore not only doctors, but also nurses and receptionists who have many opportunities to interact with the parents of children, need accurate and new information.
As the mother of a daughter, I try not only to provide academic information, but also local information that is normally important for parents to know.
To achieve a world where all children can live healthily and safely, I seek to work with a smile on my face.

*Pedi-MR: An MR that specializes in pediatrics. Named at an in-house meeting from Pediatrics. The name was coined at an internal meeting from the word "pediatric."