Environment Promotion of Environmental Communication

Participation in Environmental Information Disclosure Program

In evaluating companies, the importance of ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) information is increasing. In this setting, the Ministry of the Environment, with the aim of creating a sustainable society in which companies that aggressively conduct environmental activities receive appropriate evaluations from investors, as well as appropriate funding, is implementing an environmental information disclosure verification project (ESG dialogue platform) where companies and investors come together to hold discussions on environmental information.
The Company has continually participated in this project since fiscal 2014 and has held ESG discussions with investors. In fiscal 2018, we updated our environmental information and continue to actively promote communication with our stakeholders.

Support for Regional Environmental Activities

As one part of its corporate citizenship initiatives, the Group provides support for regional environmental activities. In fiscal 2018, we co-sponsored six environmental events sponsored by the Toda Environment Fair Executive Committee, the Minoh Mountain Patrol, the Ikoma Mountain Range Regional Promotion Council, and others, and provided Aspara drinks at these events. In addition, Group employees and their family members participated in multiple events and worked together with other participants to implement these activities.

information about greening and beautifying activities conducted around the worksites

The 15th Minoh Mountain Clean-Up Operation
(December 1, Minoh City, 286 participants)
Receipt of Excellence Award in the 22nd Environmental Communication Awards

In February 2019, the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporate Report 2018 and CSR Activities Report 2018 received the Excellence Award for the second consecutive year in the Environmental Report Section of the 22nd Environmental Communication Awards.
The purpose of the Environmental Communication Awards is to promote initiatives in the fields of business environmental management and environmental communications and to enhance the quality of environmental information disclosure. To that end, the Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum recognize excellent environmental reports and environmental activity reports through this program.
This award was presented to the Company for its ambitious approach to environmentally friendly management and proactive information disclosure in the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporate Report 2018 and CSR Activities Report 2018. The award specifically commended Corporate Report 2018 for its overview of environmental activities as initiatives to create value and sustain the growth of the Company. Also commended in CSR Activity Report 2018 was the description of the results of taking on challenging targets to reduce CO2 emissions, and the extensive and thorough disclosure of CSR-related data.

Receipt of Excellence Award in the 22nd Environmental Communication Awards