Environment VOICE

I Hope to Leave the Magnificent Nature of Satoyama to Our Future Children!

Ryo Nomura
Executive Director, NPO Shizen Kankyo Academy

The environment of Japan's Satoyama woodlands, which is inhabited by various plants and animals such as killifish and fireflies, has vanished in recent years due to changes in human lifestyles.
The NPO Shizen Kankyo Academy is restoring and preserving the Satoyama environment in collaboration with companies and the government. In addition, to stimulate interest in nature, it conducts environmental education for children through environmental conservation activities, and develops human resources who will lead the next generation.
The Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Group has been participating in "Tokyo Greenship Action" since 2013. Its employees and their families and children, men and women, young and old participate with us every year in activities to preserve and restore Satoyama in the Hachioji Takiyama Satoyama Conservation Area, thereby contributing to the Satoyama environment's preservation.
In order to connect Satoyama's magnificent nature with the future, I hope that Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma's initiatives will go beyond their current environmental conservation activities to enable each person to participate more actively, and that they not only cooperate with the Shizen Kankyo Academy, but with other companies as well.