Fair Operating Practices Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

In line with its philosophy of contributing to the healthier lives of people around the world through the creation of pharmaceuticals, we create, protect, and put to effective use our globally competitive intellectual properties related to pharmaceuticals, which serve as the basis for our development of innovative pharmaceuticals and proper provision of opportunities for patients to receive healthcare.
Under its intellectual property policies, the Company protects its own pharmaceuticals and effectively utilizes intellectual property, as well as files, acquires, and maintains and manages intellectual property rights including patents and trademarks. In addition, we promote intellectual property strategies together with our business and R&D strategies, and work to ensure our rights at the appropriate time. Furthermore, the Company respects third parties' valid intellectual property rights by managing intellectual property risks through investigations into the rights of third parties.
If there is a possibility that a third party has infringed upon the Company's intellectual property rights, the Company endeavors to strengthen legal protection and exploitation of intellectual property by taking appropriate legal action, while simultaneously establishing a framework that enables it to take such action quickly.