Organizational Governance VOICE

Seeking the Further Enhancement of Global Governance

Megumi Ohtaki
Executive Officer
Chief Compliance Officer

In the pharmaceutical industry, the diversification of selectable modalities*1 has been accelerated even further by the progress of globalization and the rapid advancement of innovative science and technology. The Group's management finds itself in an environment of increasing uncertainty. Under these circumstances, as the Group, we seek to sustain growth and raise corporate value while maintaining fairness and transparency in our business activities. To realize our corporate philosophy of "contributing to the healthier lives of people around the world through the creation of pharmaceuticals," global governance is required.
All officers and employees who are part of the Group act in accordance with the Corporate Behavior Charter while maintaining an awareness of the Group's vision. We will work to secure the interests of our stakeholders by further enhancing governance in such a way that information is not divided between organizations or regions.

  • *1Treatment methods, such as small molecule compounds, peptide drugs, protein drugs including therapeutic antibodies, gene therapy, nucleic acid drugs, cell therapy drugs, and regenerative medicine.