Human Rights VOICE

Best Entry Selected in Company's Diversity & Human Rights Slogan Contest*

Adi Rizki Hadian
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Indonesia
Maintenance and Utility Department / Manufacturing HQ

"Caring each other, making us stronger together"

I never imagined that my slogan would be selected as the best entry, so I am very honored.
I'm very happy that I could contribute to the MCHC Group through this slogan.
Let me take this opportunity to explain my slogan "Caring each other, making us stronger together." We cannot achieve our goals without the support and assistance of those around us. It is really important that we respect and support each other, and that our knowledge and abilities complement each other's without distinction to one's race, religion or ethnicity. I firmly believe that we can evolve and progress if we show consideration and help others.

*The 2018 slogan contest was held as a part of diversity promotion and human rights awareness.
A total of 608 contest applications were submitted from 17 Group companies in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Japan.

The 2018 slogan contest