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Selected Best of Ikuboss 2018

Hiroyuki Miyama
Sales & Marketing Division, Kyushu Branch, Kitakyushu Sales Office (as of March 2019)

The atmosphere of the Kitakyushu Sales Office is bright and open. As Sales Office Manager, I view my first priority as creating an environment where staff can work with enthusiasm, so I implemented working-style reforms.
One of my tasks is to create more balance in work. Therefore, we increase work efficiency and when we are able to leave work early, we finish and leave at a fixed time. Take the initiative and take a vacation, let's cherish our personal time. In my opinion, you cannot do a good job if you do not have sufficient time for personal time. When I was transferred and had to work away from home, I was troubled by the fact that I could not look after my parents or be with my children. Wanting staff to effectively use their vacation days according to their circumstances, I actively encouraged female staff to take childcare leave and male staff to take paid child-care leave and a paid leave during the period from their wife's pregnancy to childbirth. Moreover, staff shared all kinds of information on LINE WORKS (SNS) so that if someone suddenly took a vacation, others could immediately cover for them. I created LINE groups for the entire sales office, for each disease, and for each team to facilitate communication with staff. Also, I replied individually to comments and attached stickers, and sometimes sent photos of my hobbies, such as my band activities or cooking to keep staff's minds relaxed. Moving forward, an increasing number of employees will seek a balance between work and family life including childcare. I hope that each and every employee will value a working-style that emphasizes work-life balance.

*"Ikuboss" is a boss who loves to produce results and enjoys his/her work and personal life while considering the work-life balance of his/her staff and supporting their career and life. If Ikuboss catches on and spreads, we can expect diverse staff to play an even more active role, leading to working-style reforms.