Message from the Chief Sustainability Officer

We will grow our business and support a sustainable society by directing our operations at addressing social issues.

As the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Group formulated the Medium-term Management Plan 21-25 to start in fiscal 2021, we reevaluated the role we want the Group to play and what type of value we can contribute to the society of the future. The result of the reevaluation was that we turned our corporate philosophy into our MISSION of “Creating hope for all facing illness.” The objective of our MISSION is in 2030 to “Be a healthcare company that delivers optimal therapy to each individual,” which is our VISION 30. The new medium-term management plan covers the first five years under VISION 30, and was carefully formulated to position us to fulfill the vision in the following next five years.

As we framed the new MISSON, VISION 30, and Medium-term Management Plan 21-25, the process of deciding how we can use our business activities to address current and emerging social issues allowed us to reconfirm the elements that are essential for sustainable growth of both our Company and society.

We also linked the MISSION and VISION 30 to the KAITEKI concept of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) Group. As the core company responsible for the MCHC Group‘s healthcare business (PHARMACEUTICAL AND HEALTH), Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma will contribute to the MCHC Group’s Vision “Realizing KAITEKI” by providing “Creating hope for all facing illness.”


While formulating MISSION, VISION 30, and Medium-term Management Plan 21-25, we also reviewed the material issues that our Company is positioned to actively address, to which we added two new items of materiality.

The first new item is improving access to healthcare. Improving healthcare access involves not only producing medicines, but also making medicine and medical services more readily available to the people who need them, particularly in developing countries. Pharmaceuticals companies can, and are expected to, play a major role in making this happen. Our activities in this item are presented on our corporate website’s sustainability sections, but we have designated them as an item of materiality where we will reexamine issues and step up our activities. We will take this as a new starting point for discussing how and in what areas we can contribute the most effectively, set clear objectives, and leverage the unique characteristics of our Company into action.

The second new item of materiality is promoting environmentally friendly business. Pharmaceuticals is considered to be a low-impact industry, but in adding this new item we are recognizing that as environmental issues become more pressing, we expect ourselves to do more. The MCHC Group has made environmental operations a top priority, and we will actively work with the Group to become an even more environmentally sound organization.

We have raised stakeholder engagement to be an even higher priority material issue. To fulfill the VISION 30 objective of providing new value, we have set advancing precision medicine and around the pill solutions as the two core elements of our medium-term management plan, and stakeholder engagement and active collaboration with our business partners are crucial to the plan’s success. We specifically used the word “engagement” to express our desire to work closely with stakeholders both inside and outside the Company and to reinforce the importance of valuing the connections and relationships and growing together.

This year is a milestone for the Company as we launch the Medium-term Management Plan 21-25 with our new MISSION and targeting VISION 30. Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma is rededicated to our belief that contributing through our operations to realizing a sustainable society is essential to our corporate growth.


Managing Executive Officer
Chief Sustainability Officer(CSO)