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Organizational Governance

Corporate Governance

Fundamental Approach and Governance System

For further information about the fundamental approach to corporate governance and the governance system, please refer to the following.

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Fair, Timely, and Appropriate Information Disclosure

In order to promote understanding of the Company and to obtain fair evaluations of the Company, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma strives to disclose in a fair, timely, and appropriate manner important Company information related to its activities, such as its management policies, management objectives, and financial situation, to all of its stakeholders, including patients and healthcare professionals, shareholders, investors, employees, and local communities. We adhere to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and other Japanese laws and regulations relating to information disclosure and stock exchange regulations for listed securities. Also, based on the disclosure policy that we have formulated, and in accordance with internal information disclosure systems, we are actively advancing the creation of opportunities for disclosure and communication that is fair to all stakeholders in terms of both content and timing.