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Medium-Term Management Plan 16-20 ~Open Up the Future

1. Overview of the Medium-Term Management Plan 16-20

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma has identified four strategic priorities to Open Up the Future in the medium-term management plan-Maximizing Pipeline Value, Strengthening IKUYAKU(Drug Fostering and Evolution) and Marketing, Accelerating U.S. Business Development, and Reforming Operational Productivity. On that basis, the Company will implement reforms to become a “company that works with a sense of speed and is the first to deliver differentiated value.”

(1) Name and period
Name: Medium-Term Management Plan 16-20: Open Up the Future
Period: April 2016 - March 2021 (5 years)
(2) Key Concept

New Value Creation

2. Four Strategic Priorities to Open Up the Future

(1) Maximizing Pipeline Value: Creating Differentiated Value as Rapidly as Possible
<“R&D process reforms” & “Expansion of medical and discovery technologies”>
(2) Strengthening IKUYAKU (Drug Fostering and Evolution) and Marketing: Delivering Differentiated Value to Patients
<“Maximizing product value” & “Strengthening sales promotions”>
(3) Accelerating U.S. Business Development: Build Foundation for Sustained Growth
<“Establishing operational foundation” & “Building product lineup”>
(4) Reforming Operational Productivity: Realizing a Corporate Culture with a Sense of Speed and Profit Structure
<“Cost reductions” & “Utilization of human resources”>

3. Financial Guidance

Fiscal 2017
Fiscal 2020
objectives *2
  Fiscal 2023 Management
(image for the future)
Revenue ¥433.8 billion ¥430.0 billion more than ¥500.0 billion
Core operating profit *1 ¥78.5 billion ¥60.0 billion more than ¥100.0 billion
Net income attributable to owners of the Company ¥57.9 billion ¥40.0 billion
R&D investment ¥79.0 billion ¥85.0 billion   ¥80.0 billion
Overseas sales ratio 26% 30%

  • *1:a profit excluding the income and loss recorded by non-recurring items include restructuring loss and others
  • *2:In consideration of the progress of the medium-term management plan, the company made interim revision to the fiscal 2020 numerical objectives and future initiatives, and announced it on November 19, 2018.

4. Strategic Investment

The Company’s basic policy calls for enhancing shareholder returns in a stable, ongoing manner while striving to increase enterprise value by aggressively implementing strategic investment and R&D investment with a focus on sustained growth. Under this medium-term management plan, the Company will pay dividends in accordance with profit growth over the medium to long term, with a target of 50% for the consolidated dividend payout ratio (IFRS) and maintain the current level of dividends (annual dividend of ¥56).