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How to use voice reading out function and attention


When you click the Listen button, ReadSpeaker opens its player and starts reading the content of the page.
The text is also highlighted while it is being read, reinforcing a better understanding of the text.

The settings menu enables you to customize the reading experience.
You can control the reading speed and how the text is highlighted, either sentence by sentence or word by word.
You can select text to only listen to certain parts of the page.
In this case, a listen button “pop-up” will appear.
The pop-up will follow when you scroll up or down the page.
You can also choose to have the page scroll automatically to follow the highlighted text.
With the Enhanced text visibility option, you can have the current sentence displayed at the bottom of the page, with a larger font size and simultaneous text highlighting.

From Text to Speech in Seconds
  • You visit our website and see the Listen button.
  • You select some text or click the Listen button for the full text.
  • ReadSpeaker collects the text and produces the speech.
  • ReadSpeaker streams the audio to you.

ReadSpeaker docReader

ReadSpeaker docReader makes documents accessible to all users including users with vision problems letting users view and listen to texts.

How to use it
  • You will see a Listen button next to a online document link. Clicking the Listen button opens ReadSpeaker docReader in a new window or tab with the document ready to be listened to.
  • A toolbar at the top of the page enables you to browse, read, and listen to the document. When you click the Listen button in the toolbar, the full page will be read section by section in the order defined in the document.
  • Hovering over a section of text enables you to click to listen to that section. You can also explicitly select a section of text to be read. You can also control the layout mode, reading speed, and both text appearance and highlighting.
  • It might not be correctly read the name of a person, a place, the proper noun, and the abbreviation, etc, because the computer automatically read out.
  • The company cannot assume all the responsibilities when some damage occurs indirectly by immediately by using this service. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
About ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker® is the worldwide leader in online text to speech.
In 1999, ReadSpeaker pioneered the first-ever speech-enabling application for websites.
Today, the company’s web-based text-to-speech services are used by thousands of websites/mobile apps and millions of users worldwide every month.
ReadSpeaker speech-enables online content on the fly in 35+ languages and 100+ voices. They provides a portfolio of web-based text-to-speech solutions for websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, RSS feeds, online documents and forms, and online campaigns.
More than 6000 corporate, media, government, and nonprofit customers around the world use ReadSpeaker online text-to-speech solutions.