Medium-Term Management Plan 16-20 ~Open Up the Future

1. Overview of the Medium-Term Management Plan 16-20

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma has identified four strategic priorities to Open Up the Future in the medium-term management plan-Maximizing Pipeline Value, Strengthening IKUYAKU(Drug Fostering and Evolution) and Marketing, Accelerating U.S. Business Development, and Reforming Operational Productivity. On that basis, the Company will implement reforms to become a “company that works with a sense of speed and is the first to deliver differentiated value.”

(1) Name and period
Name: Medium-Term Management Plan 16-20: Open Up the Future
Period: April 2016 - March 2021 (5 years)
(2) Key Concept
Open Up the Future

2. Four Strategic Priorities to Open Up the Future

(1) Maximizing Pipeline Value: Creating Differentiated Value as Rapidly as Possible

<“R&D process reforms” & “Expansion of medical and discovery technologies”>

(2) Strengthening IKUYAKU (Drug Fostering and Evolution) and Marketing: Delivering Differentiated Value to Patients

<“Maximizing product value” & “Strengthening sales promotions”>

(3) Accelerating U.S. Business Development: Build Foundation for Sustained Growth

<“Establishing operational foundation” & “Building product lineup”>

(4) Reforming Operational Productivity: Realizing a Corporate Culture with a Sense of Speed and Profit Structure

<“Cost reductions” & “Utilization of human resources”>

3. Financial Guidance

Fiscal 2017
Fiscal 2020
objectives *2
Fiscal 2023 Management
(image for the future)
Revenue ¥433.8 billion ¥430.0 billion more than ¥500.0 billion
Core operating profit *1 ¥78.5 billion ¥60.0 billion more than ¥100.0 billion
Net income attributable to
owners of the Company
¥57.9 billion ¥40.0 billion -
R&D investment ¥79.0 billion ¥85.0 billion ¥80.0 billion
Overseas sales ratio 26% 30% -
  • *1a profit excluding the income and loss recorded by non-recurring items include restructuring loss and others
  • *2In consideration of the progress of the medium-term management plan, the company made interim revision to the fiscal 2020 numerical objectives and future initiatives, and announced it on November 19, 2018.