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Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation (herein after MTPC) has been working to improve transparency about clinical trial information. For more details, please click here to see our Clinical Trial Information Disclosure Policy.

This page provides patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, and others with information about our company clinical trials, the status of registration on each public registry, clinical trial results and publications, data sharing with researchers, and links to each registry.

Please note that the status of registration on public registries are available in the "List of Summaries of Clinical Trial Information" on the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Clinical Trial Information Site.

Terms of Use

The information on this page is not intended for promotion or advertisement of MTPC medicinal products. Also, it is not intended to recommend off-label use nor unapproved use of any products. And it does not replace any doctor's decision. If you have any questions about individual symptoms and treatment strategies, please consult with your doctor(s) or appropriate healthcare professionals.

MTPC strives to provide the most up-to-date information about all clinical trials included here. Please note that the clinical trial status, etc. will be updated as appropriate.

1. Status of Registration on the Public Registries

In order to provide information on clinical trials to patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, and others, MTPC posts clinical trial information on public registries. The registries provide clinical trial information such as a summary of the clinical trials, the target diseases, and the status of the clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Information

For more information, please visit the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Clinical Trial Information Site.

2. Disclosure of Clinical Trial Results and Publication of Scientific Literatures

MTPC is committed to disclose clinical trial results that are available to patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, and others. MTPC is also preparing to disclose a summary of results that are easy to understand for patients and the public.

MTPC will endeavor to provide relevant presentations at scientific meetings, or publications in scientific journals of the clinical trial results where results are considered of significant medical importance at an appropriate time. When such an article is published, MTPC will post the place of publication on public registries.

Clinical Trial Results

For more information, please visit the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Clinical Trial Information Site.

3. Sharing Clinical Trial Data with Researchers

When requested by a qualified researcher in the field of science or medicine, MTPC will share clinical trial data that was collected from individual patients in a clinical trial with that researcher after a review committee of experts determines that such sharing is appropriate. Such clinical data will always be anonymized before sharing. MTPC will not share data that MTPC feels may place the patient at risk of being identified.

MTPC will share patient data from clinical trials of a product which the first indication was approved in or after January 2018 in patients who applied for approval of marketing approved in all regions of the US, Europe, and Japan where approval is sought. Please use the following link for other conditions and limitations.

Researchers: Please use the link below to request data sharing.

4. Public Registries

Contact Information

For questions regarding disclosure of clinical trial information, please email us:

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