Corporate original character Tanamin

Tanamin is a fairy with big blue hands covered in fluffy white fur.
With those big hands, it envelops everyone it meets with a big hug.
Its embrace is so comforting that people hugged by Tanamin fall asleep in its arms.
When they awake, they feel refreshed and recovered.
Tanamin takes life at a leisurely pace and may fall asleep with the people it hugs.
Even though it is sleepy looking, Tanamin watches over Doshomachi
with its big eyes and ears, finds tasty medicinal plants, and protects people's health.

Hug Forest (Connected to Doshomachi by a secret path)
Easy-going and relaxed with a strong sense of justice
Hugging, lullabies, sleeping
Favorite foods
Herbs, spices
Vocal call
"Gyuu" (Sound to Tanamin's hug)

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