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This Website was established and is administrated by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation (hereafter, “MTPC”). Information concerning the terms of usage of this Website is provided as follows.

Precautions concerning usage of this Website

Users should recognize that by using this Website they enter a legal agreement with MTPC, the owner of this Website. Therefore, those who wish to use this Website should carefully read the following important conditions. The user is considered to have accepted those conditions once he or she begins to use this Website.

The purpose of this Website is to provide general information about MTPC and its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereafter, collectively referred to as “the Group”), and their products and related items. Accordingly, the information provided is not intended to offer medical or nutritional advice, nor substitute for consultations with a medical professional such as a doctor or pharmacist. Decisions concerning treatment for medical patients are matters to be conducted between patients and medical professionals based on considerations particular to each respective patient. People who require particular advice or guidance on the usage of the Group's products or services should contact MTPC directly.

Copyright, trademarks, trade names, etc.

Trademarks, trade names, logos, and trade dress (product packaging, design, etc.) appearing on this Website and pertaining to MTPC are protected under Japan's Industrial Property Law. Accordingly, their usage for purposes other than identifying or labeling MTPC's products or services is prohibited unless prior written permission is granted by MTPC.

Contents contained in this Website, including text, photographs, and illustrations, are protected under the copyright laws of respective countries and related international agreements. Copying, downloading or printing these contents is only allowed for purposes permissible by such laws, such as personal use and citation, as well as under the following conditions.

  • Copyright ownership information must be shown on all duplicated documents.
  • The original contents must not be altered.
  • The contents must not be used in a manner that infringes on the rights of MTPC or a third party, such as slander or invasion of privacy.

Any use of content beyond the limits of the conditions stated above is strictly prohibited.


MTPC pays a reasonable amount of attention to ensuring that the information appearing in this Website is up to date and accurate. It offers no guarantee, however, of the accuracy or completeness, whether explicit or implicit, of such information, and accepts no liability in this regard. Users of this Website are assumed to have accepted personal responsibility for its usage. Therefore, MTPC accepts no liability for damage caused by using or accessing this Website or websites linked to this Website, or damage resulting from reliance on information or contents containing errors or omissions in those websites.

This Website is provided as a service for the people who utilize it; however, MTPC reserves the right to remove, amend, or add content of this Website at any time and for whatever reason without notification, and accepts no liability for any consequences that may arise from such changes.

Users of this Website are expected to assume individual responsibility for taking preventative steps to guard against computer viruses and other destructive programs from contaminating their computers, including whenever their computers are being used for any personal purpose.

With the exception of personal data, information or materials provided by users via Email or other means is not covered by law, and, therefore, MTPC is not obligated to treat it as such. Accordingly, MTPC may freely use such information and materials for duplication, announcements, or any other purpose.

Pages of this Website specifically intended for medical professionals

These pages are intended for use by professionals practicing in Japan.

Labels and directions for the products featured on this Website and/or Website pages for medical professionals may differ in each country where they are sold. Product information provided for medical professionals on this Website is intended for professionals practicing in Japan. Therefore, if a person from outside Japan uses this Website, the information provided may not necessarily be appropriate. Accordingly, medical doctors should obtain information concerning medication prescriptions in their respective countries, and, likewise, medical patients should consult with a doctor and confirm proper usage instructions in their own country. In all cases, medical personnel and users are requested to obtain the latest safety information.

Recommended Web browsers

The most up-to-date versions of the Web browsers listed below are recommended for viewing this Website. Please be advised that even if one of these recommended browsers is used, it is possible that this Website may not be usable or appear properly depending on the browser settings.

Windows OS

  • Microsoft Edge latest edition
  • Google Chrome latest edition
  • Mozilla Firefox latest edition

Mac OS

  • Safari latest edition
  • Google Chrome latest edition
  • Mozilla Firefox latest edition

iOS 11.0 or later

  • Standard browser

Android 6.0 or later

  • Standard browser

JavaScript and style sheets

This Website employs JavaScript and style sheets. If the Web browser employed by the user does not support JavaScript or a style sheet language, it is possible that this Website will not function properly or appear correctly. When viewing this Website, users are requested to ensure that JavaScript and style sheets are enabled in the browser settings.

Links to other websites

This Website provides links to other websites for the convenience of its users. This Website is administrated completely independently of those websites, however, and as such, has no control over their content. Furthermore, the provision of links to other websites is in no way an endorsement of their content or usage, and MTPC accepts no responsibility for any consequences that arise in this regard.

In principle, MTPC does not newly establish reciprocal links between this Website and other websites, or make this Website freely available to be linked to. Anyone wishing to establish a link to this Website should complete and submit an Inquiry Form. The Inquiry Form is available on the Contact Us webpage.

The terms of use above are subject to Japanese laws and shall be interpreted accordingly.

Information posted on social media sites

Information posted by employees of the Group on social media sites does not represent the official opinions of the Group, and should not be treated as official announcements. For official information, users are requested to refer to this Website or the websites of companies in the Group.

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