Clinical Trial Information Disclosure Policy


The Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation Group believes that it can contribute to the progress of medical science and medical treatment by increasing transparency in clinical trial information. Based on this principle, MTPC Group will disclose information, such as summaries of clinical trial information, clinical trial results, and clinical trial data, from clinical trials conducted by the MTPC Group in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with the Principles laid out by the industry associations and this policy.

1.Protection of Rights, Compliance with Laws
Information disclosed under this policy will, in addition to respecting to industry standards, protect the privacy of patients participating in clinical trials, intellectual property and contract rights, as well as conform to related laws and government guidelines.
2.Sharing Clinical Trial Data with Researchers
When requested by a qualified researcher in the field of science or medicine, the MTPC Group will share anonymized clinical trial data with such researcher if judged by a review committee, comprised of experts, as appropriate.
3.Registration of Clinical Trial Information and Results Disclosure
The MTPC Group will register and disclose its sponsored clinical trials information and summary results on publicly accessible clinical trial registries in accordance with the applicable timeframe.
4.Publication of Clinical Trial Results.
The MTPC Group, in a timely manner, will endeavor to provide relevant presentations at scientific meetings, or publications in scientific journals, of the clinical trial results where results are considered to be of significant medical importance.

(Enactment on June 4, 2019)