Maximizing Pipeline Value

“Open Up the Future”
Maximizing Pipeline Value: Creating Differentiated Value as Rapidly as Possible

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma has identified “Maximizing Pipeline Value” as one of four strategic priorities to Open Up the Future in the new medium-term management plan. On that basis, the Company will implement reforms to become a “company that works with a sense of speed and is the first to deliver differentiated value.”

“R&D process reforms” + “Expansion of medical and discovery technologies”

  • We will expand discovery seeds by aggressively leveraging the open shared business through the in-licensing of discovery seeds and the implementation of collaboration with other organizations. In addition, we will utilize the optimal method for each candidate and shorten the period required until acquisition of POC. In these ways, we will create 10 candidates that will advance to late-stage development under this medium-term management plan.
  • The Company's R&D areas have included autoimmune diseases and central nervous system diseases. In addition to these areas, we also focus on vaccines and orphan diseases and work to discover new drugs that address unmet medical needs. In these ways, we strive to further enhance our presence in areas in which we can leverage our strengths.
  • Centered on our ability to discover drugs in-house, we will utilize new discovery technologies in such fields as next-generation therapeutic antibodies, protein pharmaceuticals, nucleic acid drugs, vaccines, and gas pharmaceuticals. In addition, by extending our focus into new types of medicine and discovery fields, such as regenerative medicine and preemptive medicine, we will expand drug discovery opportunities worldwide, with the U.S. market as our main target.