Environment & Safety Policy


Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation and its group companies (“MTPC Group”) aim to be global research-driven pharmaceutical companies that are trusted by society, and actively strive to protect global environment and ensure people’s safety.

  1. 1We assess our corporate activities for their environmental impact in order to continuously reduce environmental burden.
  2. 2We give priority to safety considerations for all of our workers to prevent occurrence of occupational accidents.
  3. 3We set clear targets for our environmental and safety activities, and we effectively maintain and improve our system to achieve such targets.
  4. 4We pursue activities in compliance with not only laws and regulations relating to environment and safety, but also more rigorous corporate management standards.
  5. 5We systematically conduct training to enhance each and every employee’s awareness on the environment and safety.
  6. 6We proactively disclose information relating to environment and safety so that we can deepen communication with society.
  7. 7By proactively participating in and cooperating with environmental management and disaster reduction activities organized by local communities, we prepare against unforeseen contingencies such as accidents and disasters, so as to minimize their impact.