Procurement Policy


This Policy shall provide for basic principles for Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation (“MTPC”) Group companies to promote fair and equitable procurement activities.

1.Fair and equitable selection of supplier
A supplier shall be fairly and equitably selected from overall perspectives based on reasonable criteria which includes its management status, technological capabilities and corporate attitude (e.g., state of efforts for compliance with laws and regulations, environmental protection, working environment, respect of human rights), in addition to the quality, price, delivery timing and the continuity and stability of supply.
2.Open opportunity for transactions
The MTPC Group shall provide all companies in Japan and overseas that wish to be a supplier of MTPC Group with an equal and open opportunity for entry, and sincerely respond to the offer by such companies.
3.Establishment of relationship of trust
The MTPC Group will foster a mutual relationship of trust with the recognition of “All suppliers are our business partners”.
4.Compliance with laws and regulations, as well as social norms
The MTPC Group shall comply with all laws and regulations, as well as social norms related to procurement activities.
5.Moderate action
When carrying out purchasing operations, the MTPC Group shall not only have high ethical standards and eliminate any private interests with suppliers as a matter of course but also NOT personally demand or enjoy any illegal or unjustifiable benefits (e.g., money, goods, business entertainment, convenience) by using its position or authority as buyer, or make any advantageous handling based on personal relationship.

Supplementary Provisions : 1.This Policy shall be in effect as from July 1, 2017.