Environment Biodiversity Initiatives

Basic Approach

In accordance with the concept that a variety of environmental initiatives are connected with biodiversity, the Group seeks to help maintain and preserve biodiversity through a wide range of activities. These include reducing environmental burdens, promoting appropriate usage of inherited resources, fostering harmonious coexistence with nature and society, and increasing awareness within the Group. Accordingly, over the entire life cycle, from research and development to production, distribution, sales, use, and disposal, we will work to track how our business activities are connected with biodiversity, understand their influence and dependence on biodiversity, and enhance our awareness.

Activities to Preserve Biodiversity and the Natural Environment

In the Medium-Term Environmental Action Plan (2016-2020), the Group has set the objective of “Understanding the relationship between business activities and biodiversity and advancing initiatives for maintaining and preserving biodiversity.” To achieve this objective, we have taken steps to reduce the environmental impact from our business activities and to preserve biodiversity and the natural environment.

Tokyo Greenship Action

Since 2006, the Group has been participating in Tokyo Greenship Action, a natural environment conservation activity conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in cooperation with companies and the NPO Shizen Kankyo Academy in the woodland conservation area.

In May 2019, 35 Group employees and their families worked with great dedication to preserve and restore natural woodlands in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government-designated Hachioji Takiyama woodland conservation area. The participants observed nature in the woodlands, which extends over an irrigated rice field area and a thickly wooded area. By experiencing the cutting of bamboo plants, making bamboo crafts, working in the field, picking rapeseed and maintaining the ponds, the participants learned about the importance of conserving and restoring woodland nature and preserving biodiversity.

Maintaining the ponds
Restoring the fields

Ikoma Mountain Range "Folding Screen of Flowers" Project

Since fiscal 2009, the Group has continuously participated in the Ikoma Mountain Range "Folding Screen of Flowers" Project, an environmental event sponsored by Osaka Prefecture. In November 2019, the event was held at Hoshida Park in Katano City, Osaka Prefecture and a total of 70 Group employees and family members participated in beautification and cleanup activities while hiking, and planted 54 cherry blossom, hydrangea, and azalea trees. Since starting this activity, the total number of trees planted has reached 9,700.

From the viewpoint of disaster prevention and biodiversity, this event also aims to restrain the uncontrolled spread of bamboo grass and kudzu (arrowroot).

Tree planting activities
Comments from the Group for Nurturing Forests Around Cities

In Katano City, which abounds with the rich natural charm of the northern Ikoma Mountain Range, we have been engaged in forest volunteer activities such as maintaining bamboo forests and making bamboo charcoal, and since 2011, we have worked on the “Folding Screen of Flowers” Project, planted many trees, and performed woodland conservation activities.

This time, together with MTPC employees and other participants at the Ikoma “Folding Screen of Flowers” hiking and tree-planting activities, sponsored by Osaka Prefecture and the Katano City Executive Office, we planted a total of 140 trees including 20 mountain cherry trees, 60 azalea trees, and 60 hydrangea trees at Hoshi no Sato Iwafune (Iwafune Natural Forest Sports and Culture Center in Katano City). It was great that many people were able to experience the natural environment of Katano City through the Ikoma “Folding Screen of Flowers” hiking.

We will continue to cherish the colors of each season, conduct woodland conservation activities, which are familiar to many, and pass on our forest resources to the next generation. (Koji Yamamoto, Representative of the Group for Nurturing Forests Around Cities)

Campaign to Promote Environmental Conservation Activities

To further promote biodiversity conservation activities, we have conducted a campaign to promote environmental conservation activities since fiscal 2017. In this campaign, we distributed the Company's original towel scarf on which is printed "For the Environment" to participants and all employees worked together to promote environmental conservation activities. We are working to prevent the environmental damage caused by the discharge of plastic waste into the ocean through clean-up activities in the town.

The following are the three activities targeted for this campaign in fiscal 2019.

  • Clean Operation (Yoshitomi Site)
  • Shonan iPark Volunteer Clean-Up (Shonan Site)
  • Osaka Marathon Clean-Up Operation (Kashima Site)

Click here for information about greening and beautification activities conducted around worksites.

Clean Operation
Shonan iPark Volunteer Clean-Up
Osaka Marathon Clean-Up Operation