Environment Initiatives for the Preservation of Biodiversity

Fundamental Approach to the Preservation of Biodiversity

In accordance with the concept that a variety of environmental initiatives are connected with biodiversity, the Group is advancing biodiversity initiatives through a wide range of environmental activities. These include reducing environmental burdens, promoting appropriate usage of inherited resources, fostering harmonious coexistence with nature and society, and increasing awareness within the Group. Accordingly, over the entire life cycle, from research and development to production, distribution, sales, use, and disposal, we will work to track how our business activities are connected with biodiversity, understand their influence and dependence on biodiversity, and enhance our awareness.

Biodiversity Preservation Activities

In the Medium-Term Environmental Action Plan, the Group has announced the following biodiversity preservation objective: "Understand the relationship between business activities and biodiversity, advance initiatives for the preservation of biodiversity."
In fiscal 2018, we worked to control emissions of greenhouse gases and environmental burdens due to our business activities. To further promote biodiversity conservation activities, we also conducted the Campaign to Promote Environmental Conservation Activities for employees and their families.
Furthermore, in collaboration with NPOs and local governments, we continue to implement environmental conservation activities on the outskirts of Osaka Prefecture and Tokyo Prefecture. Through these activities, the Group is working to preserve biodiversity.

  • Controlling Emissions of Greenhouse Gases by Promoting Energy Conservation in Business Activities
  • Reducing environmental burdens from business activities, including burdens on the atmosphere, water bodies, soil, and ecosystems
  • Conducted Campaign to Promote Environmental Conservation Activities
  • Tokyo Greenship Action woodland conservation activities in Tokyo Prefecture (May 2018)
  • Planting activities through Ikoma Mountain Range "Folding Screen of Flowers" Project in Osaka Prefecture (November 2018)

Initiatives in Local Communities (environmental conservation activities)

Tokyo Greenship Action

In cooperation with companies and NPOs, Tokyo Prefecture is participating in Tokyo Greenship Action environmental conservation activities conducted in natural woodland conservation areas. In May 2018, in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government-designated Hachioji Takiyama Satoyama Conservation Area, 31 Group employees and their families, together with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the NPO Shizen Kankyo Academy, worked with great dedication to preserve and restore natural woodlands.
The participants observed nature in the woodlands, which extends over an irrigated rice field area and a thickly wooded area. By experiencing cutting bamboo plants, making a bamboo fence, chopping wood, and harvesting wild plants, the participants learned about the importance of conserving and restoring woodland nature and preserving biodiversity.

Cutting down bamboo
Maintaining the pond
Tokyo Greenship Action

Ikoma Mountain Range "Folding Screen of Flowers" Project

The Ikoma Mountain Range "Folding Screen of Flowers" Project, which is an environmental event sponsored by Osaka Prefecture, was held in November 2018 in Hirakata City. A total of 40 Group employees and family members participated. This event, which is held every year, combines hiking, beautification, cleanup and planting activities. Gazing at the perssimon trees heavily laden with fruit and the autumn leaves that have started changing color, they walked through the Sonenji area while picking up trash from the roadside and ditches and planted cherry blossoms and azaleas around the Otsubo pond.
The Ikoma Mountain Range looks like a folding screen when viewed from urban districts in Osaka. This event promotes the planting of cherry trees and Japanese maples, and from the viewpoint of disaster prevention and biodiversity, it helps to maintain the area in an orderly condition by addressing such issues as bamboo grass and rubbish.

Hiking wihile picking up trash
Planting activities
Ikoma Mountain Range Folding Screen of Flowers Project
Comments from the Sonenji Mountain District Association

In addition to forest-planting activities, we are engaged in numerous activities including measures to deal with wild boars and build roads in the Sononji district of Hirakata City, which is at the northern edge of the Ikoma Mountains.
In 2018, we were hit by major disasters including typhoons and heavy rains, and many landslides occurred and trees fell in this area, keeping us busy with recovery work, but we managed to promptly open the road.
This time, our field of activity entered the Ikoma "Folding Screen of Flowers" hiking route, an activity sponsored by Osaka Prefecture and the Hirakata City Executive Office.
With Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma employees and other participants, we planted a total of 65 trees (20 mountain cherry trees, 45 wild azaleas) around the Otsubo pond. While watching and nurturing the trees over the next 10 to 20 years, I want to enjoy viewing them as they flower each season and to continue these activities that are aimed at creating a more attractive local environment.

(Kazuaki Imura, director of Sonenji Mountain District Assocation)

Campaign to Promote Environmental Conservation Activities

In its environmental and safety policies, the Group is committed to proactively protecting the global environment.
To further promote biodiversity conservation activities, we have conducted a campaign to promote environmental conservation activities since fiscal 2017. In this campaign, we distributed the Company's original towel scarf on which is printed "For the Environment" to participants and and all emplooyees worked together to promote environmental activities.
The following are the four activities targeted for this campaign in fiscal 2018.

  • Clean-up Japan Campaign (Onoda Plant)
  • Hama-Road Supporter activity (Yokohama Site)
  • Osaka Marathon Clean-Up Operation (Head Office)
  • Osaka Marathon Clean-Up Operation (Kashima Site)
The Company's original towel scarf
Planting of flower seedlings, a Hama-Road Supporter activity (Yokohama Site)
Osaka Marathon Clean-Up Operation (Head Office)
Osaka Marathon Clean-Up Operation (Kashima Site)