Environment Water Resource Initiatives

Water shortages and increased flood risks due to climate change are becoming a social issue, and for the Group, securing good quality water is extremely important for pharmaceutical research and manufacturing.
The Group manages the amount of water withdrawal and wastewater in its business activities, saves water to reduce its water withdrawal, and makes effective use of its limited water resources.

The Group’s Medium-Term Environmental Action Plan 21-25 targets a 15% reduction in water usage volume by 2025 compared to fiscal 2019 (Global).

The water withdrawal of all bases globally in fiscal 2022 was 3,792 thousand m3, down 37% from actual withdrawals in fiscal 2019, significantly exceeding targets.
In addition to our normal water-saving activities, the use of recycled water at our plants and a review of water intake contributed to the reduction of water withdraw

The total volume of wastewater discharged at all bases globally in fiscal 2022 was 3,553 thousand m3, with the largest volume discharged to rivers, and other discharges made in sea areas and sewage systems.

Water withdrawal (global)

Wastewater discharged (global)

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