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Corporate Citizenship Policy

The Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Group aims to contribute to society through the pharmaceutical business, as a good corporate citizen, we will also work to achieve harmonious co-existence with communities and to contribute to their development.

In accordance with the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Group Corporate Citizenship Policy, Group employees will share the same future direction, and the Group will actively implement corporate citizenship activities in regions around the world.

The Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Group Corporate Citizenship Policy

We at the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Group (hereinafter the "Group") conduct business with due respect and consideration afforded to the cultural practices and customs that prevail in the countries and regions where we operate. We engage in corporate citizenship activities with a view to realizing a sustainable society in which people from all age groups and walks of life can lead active lives through their physical and mental fulfillment as well as active involvement in social activities.

1. Basic principles

  1. 1We will pursue corporate citizenship activities in accordance with local circumstances and social norms mainly in the countries and regions where we conduct business.
  2. 2We will make effective use of the Group's resources and its knowledge as a research-driven pharmaceutical company.
  3. 3We will seek collaboration with relevant bodies such as public interest corporations, NPOs, NGOs, local communities, and seek to earn their trust.
  4. 4We will establish a work environment where employees are encouraged to become involved in volunteer activities.
  5. 5We will strive to enhance the Group's social value by supporting harmonious coexistence with society.

2.Activity areas

The Group will pursue its corporate citizenship activities primarily in the following four areas.

  1. 1Contributions to medical care and welfare
  2. 2Development of science and technology
  3. 3Conservation of and contributions to the environment
  4. 4Promotion of local communities

In addition to the above areas, we will also work on specific initiatives as the need arises, including the provision of humanitarian support and the fostering of the next generation.

3.Promotion system

We will develop and implement an internal system and rules for promoting corporate citizenship activities and strive to increase awareness of such activities among employees.