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Actively Utilizing Diverse Human Resources

Basic Approach

The Group has positioned its approach to diversity and inclusion as one of its management strategies. We have organized that approach into the Diversity Promotion Circle, and we are advancing initiatives on that basis.

Diversity Promotion Circle

In regard to diversity, we take into account both visible diversity (gender, sexual orientation and gender identity (including LGBTQ+*), age, career background, nationality, disability status, time restrictions due to childcare, nursing care, etc.) and non-visible diversity (knowledge, skills, experiences, values, ways of thinking, etc.). By appreciating these differences and leveraging them, we seek to maximize our results.

*LGBTQ+: In this report, LGBT is used as a generic term to refer to people who belong to a sexual minority, with the addition of Q (Questioning: people who have not decided on or do not know their own identity) and “+” as an expression of sexual diversity, which cannot be expressed in words.

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

In fiscal 2022, we implemented the following initiatives.

Diversity and inclusion training

We held group training and e-learning on unconscious bias for management (all section managers) at domestic Group companies. Intended to achieve appropriate diversity management, this training has the aim of deepening the understanding of unconscious bias that is essential for promoting diversity and inclusion.

MCG Group DE&I Event Week in 2023

In March 2023, we held MCG Group DE & I Event Week in 2023 – Embrace Equity – in order to think about diversity and inclusion. This week of events featured a global event hosted by the MCG leadership team, as well as events hosted in Japan, the Americas, EMEA, China, and the APAC region, and provided opportunities for MCG colleagues around the world to reflect on how MCG could be an enterprise in which difference is respected and all employees can be active regardless of their personal characteristics.

LGBTQ+ initiatives

The Group has implemented the following initiatives to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals and create comfortable working environments.

  • Our work rules clearly state that harassment of LGBTQ+ individuals will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Same-sex partners were included in the scope of nursing care leave and nursing care holidays.
  • Same-sex partners in a common-law marriage can register as a family and are treated the same as spouses under our system of vacations, allowances, and housing.

We will continue to distribute Ally stickers, which show our understanding of and support for LGBTQ+ people. As for hiring, we have eliminated the gender entry column from the hiring entry sheet in consideration of gender and LGBTQ+ individuals.

We also held career workshops and seminars to encourage women who are at an age when they are liable to experience life events, and caregiving seminars to learn about preparation and support systems for nursing care.

An Ally sticker utilizing Tanamin, the Company's original character

Utilization of Senior and Experienced Employees

The Company re-employs staff who wish to remain employed after retirement. To provide a place of employment, we are creating an environment that permits diverse work styles including work sharing, and we are enhancing our re-employment system and working to utilize their skills and knowhow even after retirement.

Moreover, we conduct career design training for employees in their early 50s who are considering future careers with a view to retirement. We have actively provided and expanded the environment so that all employees can continue working with high motivation regardless of age.

Social recognition

Received the 2022 Gold Prize in the PRIDE INDEX, an evaluation index for LGBT initiatives in the workplace by “work with Pride,” a private organization
Received highest ranking under “Eruboshi” company certification system based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace in 2016
The Cabinet Office’s “Awards for Women Empowering Companies” are given by the Cabinet Office to companies that have made outstanding achievements in terms of their policies, initiatives, and performance in the promotion of women to executive and managerial positions, and for their disclosure of information. They are intended to promote the development of workplaces in which women can take active roles.
Received the Cabinet Office’s “Minister of State Award for Special Missions (Gender Equality)” at the “Awards for Women Empowering Companies” in 2020.

Percentage of female employees with subsection managers or higher or in management positions

Supporting Active Careers for People with Disabilities

Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities

The Group has actively worked to promote the employment of people with disabilities, and at the same time, has expanded the range of duties in many occupations throughout the Group. As a result of actively hiring people with disabilities, the Group’s employment rate as of March 31, 2023, was 2.69%, an improvement from 2.66% at the end of the previous fiscal year.

The Group will continue to proactively hire people with disabilities and create an environment where they can actively participate.

Employment rate of people with disabilities

Creating Environments That Are Easy to Work In

The Group seeks to achieve an inclusive workplace where people with and without physical and mental health challenges work together in the same place. We will create an environment where people with disabilities can make the most of their strengths and continue to make our workplaces even more comfortable to work at in the future.

Tanabe Palm Service Co. Ltd., a special subsidiary

Although there are less than 100 people with disabilities working throughout the Group, the Group’s Tanabe Palm Service, a special subsidiary, provides a variety of office services, and has over 40 people primarily with intellectual, mental, and developmental disabilities working there. (As of April 2023)

Tanabe Palm Service seeks to grow with the Company while providing a place where people with disabilities can work with peace of mind by maintaining a comfortable work environment and a system that supports growth. Specifically, we openly communicate by sharing our experiences at morning and end-of-day meetings, reviewing our work, discussing difficulties including issues in our daily lives through regular discussions and daily chats with staff. Additionally, we have announced new business reforms as a team, as well as business reforms ideas from individuals, and have adopted systems for commending people and promoting their growth. As a business that proactively employs persons with disabilities and provides employment support to them, this company is registered as an Osaka Prefecture Excellent Company that Supports Persons with Disabilities.

Digitization of paper documents. Digitization contributes to greater operational efficiency within the Group.
Making business cards for MTPC Group employees. The cards are printed on a large paper sheet and cut to business card size.

Support for Diverse Working Styles

In Japan, the Group supports diverse human resources that participate actively in diverse working styles through an enhanced system that helps establish a balance between personal life and work, and the introduction of a flexible work system.

Flexible Work Systems

The Group has taken steps to enhance systems that contribute to flexible working styles and enhanced productivity for employees, such as a flex-time system with no core time, a flexible work system for employees in planning areas and specialist areas, and a telecommuting system.

To support a balance between work and medical treatment, such as in the case of cancer survivors and infertility treatment, in fiscal 2018, we introduced shorter workdays and treatment leave that employees who need treatment can use. In addition to these systems, we introduced a new infertility treatment leave system in April 2020. Employees who have been treated for infertility but have difficulty with the treatment due to physical distance between them and their spouse, can take a temporary leave of absence under this system. The system was expanded in January 2021 and employees who live with their spouses but are receiving infertility treatment by advanced reproductive medicine, which requires many hospital visits, are eligible under this system. In October 2022, we instituted childcare leave at birth (postnatal paternity leave) in accordance with revisions to the Child Care and Family Care Leave Law, creating an environment that encourages men to take childcare leave.

Systems to Support a Balance Between Life Events and Work

The Group has established childcare and nursing care support systems that significantly surpass legal requirements. We have created an environment that enables employees to work with peace of mind and balance work and life events, such as pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, and nursing care. We continue to take steps to establish environments that facilitate active participation by fathers in child-rearing.

We will continue to create a work environment where each employee can fully exercise his/her ability and work energetically.

Initiatives to get men to participate in childcare

We have implemented the following initiatives to create an environment in which it is easy for men to participate in childcare.

  • Special leave for husbands that can be taken during the period from pregnancy to childbirth (pre-paternity leave)
  • Make the first five days of childcare leave as paid leave (for both men and women)
  • Promote the taking of childcare leave for men (postnatal paternity leave)

In fiscal 2022, we also conducted an e-learning course for all employees on the content of the revised Child Care and Family Leave Law. In addition, managers were provided with video training on the need for men to participate in childcare.

Social recognition

For the sixth consecutive year since 2007, we were certified as a “general business owner conforming to standards” (Kurumin mark) based on the Next Generation Nurturing Support Measures Promotion Law. In July 2019, we were certified “Platinum Kurumin”* in recognition of our childcare support and working style initiatives.

* The “Platinum Kurumin” certification system recognizes companies that have already been “Kurumin” certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as companies that support childcare and that have taken steps to achieve a higher standard.

Kurumin certification mark
Platinum Kurumin certification mark

Utilization of leave and shorter workdays for childcare

  • *The Group domestic
  • *Results in the utilization of childcare leave show the number of people who commenced childcare leave during the fiscal year

Utilization of leave and shorter workdays for nursing care

*The Group domestic

Building Sound Labor-Management Relations

The Group respects the rights of its employees, including the freedom to form a union and the right to collective bargaining. The labor agreement that Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma has entered with the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Labor Union guarantees the working conditions and rights of union members. As of the end of March 2023, the labor union membership rate was 72.0%. Group management and the union regularly hold management meetings where the Company communicates its management policy and the two parties exchange information on workplace conditions, seeking to more fully understand each other. Members of the Management Council and various labor-management committees, etc., also contribute their views on separate issues, such as reevaluation of various working conditions and human resource systems, in order to realize an environment in which it is easier to work.

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