Management Risk Management

Risk Management Associated with Business Activities

Based on our Risk Management Rules, which stipulate basic matters related to risk management, we have established a Risk Management Structure to prevent the occurrence of risks in the business activities of the entire Group including overseas group companies and to minimize losses in the event that such risks occur.

The operational status of risk management is reported on a regular basis to the Company's Board of Directors and Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings' Chief Risk Management Officer.

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Group's Risk Management Structure
Risk management based on risk characteristics

Crisis Management

The Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Group has conducted a review of a its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and systems to ensure the continued stable supply of pharmaceuticals to patients in case of a major earthquake such as a Nankai Trough earthquake and a Tokyo inland earthquake predicted to strike in the future.
We are improving our practical skills by conducting IT-Business Continuity Plan training and safety confirmation drills. We are also advancing countermeasures in case of a disaster, including one that affects the supply chain, by examining the countermeasures of our business partners.

To minimize the spread of COVID-19, we will take measures to prevent infection at all companies including overseas, sustain our business while ensuring employee safety, and fulfill our mission of “the stable supply of pharmaceutical products to patients.”

Information Security

In response to overseas business expansion and the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure, the Group will implement measures to ensure the safe and stable use of information and data communications technologies by establishing rules at overseas bases, and enhancing security checks when using network security and cloud services. We are also taking steps to improve security, including that of our supply chain, by checking our business partner's security.

In preparation for damage mitigation and early recovery in the event of an incident, we are examining our response system and flow in conformity with the above incident prevention measures.

We will comply with GDPR* and other personal information-related laws and regulations and also re-examine our rules to strictly manage information in line with the overseas expansion of our Group.
For telework, which we are implementing as a COVID-19 countermeasure, we are distributing PC terminals and installing more phone lines to create an environment that can sustain our business while ensuring security.

*The EU's general Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A new personal information protection framework instituted by the European Parliament, European Council and European Commission.